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TGG: Paulownia trees and support

TGG supply Paulownia trees and the knowledge needed to grow them.

Our clients include plantation promoters, investors and growers worldwide. We work closely with plantation managers to ensure they plant the correct stock and have the support needed to see the trees thrive. We also supply retail packs in Australia for ornamental or farm.

Paulownia (pronounced Paw-lo-ne-a) is a medium height, large-leafed, fast growing deciduous tree from East Asia. Cultivated prim182 arily for its fine, light and valuable timber, Paulownia can also be used for biomass, carbon sequestration, pruned to supply nutritious fodder to livestock during dry times and is highly ornamental with masses of sweetly scented trumpet shaped flowers in spring. Paulownia trees are also known as Empress Trees, Foxglove Trees, Phoenix Trees, Princess Trees, Royal Paulownia, Chinese Parasol Trees, Dragon Trees, wu tong or pao tong 泡桐 (Chinese), odongnamu 오동나무 (Korean) and kiri(Japanese).

TGG are international Paulownia tree suppliers.

TGG has collected and developed a huge resource of Paulownia genetics and can supply cool to tropical regions, representing a temperature range from -20ºC to 47ºC. Based in Australia, we are experienced plant exporters and have supplied to many nations and almost every continent.

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For international sales please see our Bulk Products page and use the quotation request form to help us to give you more information about the best genetics and planting stock available to you.


251 Paulownia Biomass Production pdfPaulownia Biomass Production

This introductory report was produced after increasing interest in Paulownia for biomass, principally as fuel for energy generation.

Under a biomass system Paulownia can be planted at high density as they are harvested young and do not need the canopy space required for the trunks to become thick as in timber plantations. Optimum planting density will depend on the lignification required which will dictate the age of harvest. If you wish to harvest soft material with a 1-2 year rotation you may plant up to a massive 10,000 trees per hectare. The model in this report assumes a requirement for woody biomass which can be produced on a 2-3 year rotation at 3,000 stems / ha.

Contract Growing

TGG has 20 years experience in specialist contract growing. Contracts supplied include large scale plantations in SE Asia and Australia as well as projects on almost every continent. To date the largest supply to a single project has been just under 1 million trees, but the systems and infrastructure in place are capable of larger output and can be readily duplicated as demand grows.

Contract growing means we can produce exactly what you want, when you want. Our contracts are simple and fair and contain all the necessary safeguards. It is the role of a good planting stock supplier to take control of the supply of plants responsibly, leaving the plantation grower free to dedicate time towards plantation project management. Different product sizes can be produced including various sized biodegradable plug pot or bare-root plants, all utilising our unique clonal propagation system.

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