Toad Gully Growers

Toad Gully Growers is a wholesale production nursery on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia growing ferns, succulents and foliage plants for sale into the nursery industry. We also sell bare root Paulownia trees online during the spring planting season, with postal delivery within Australia.

We grow a wide range of potted ferns, mostly in 125mm and 180mm pots, including maidenhairs, tree ferns, bird’s nest and others suited to indoors and garden. We have a popular line of small hanging potted succulents and supply large pots of lush foliage including Elephant Ears in the summer months and numerous varieties of tree ferns in 250mm pots.

Paulownia now available for online sales

Paulownia are fast growing deciduous trees from East Asia. Highly ornamental, with beautiful spring flowers and large leaves over the warm months, they are also great for shade, fodder and timber production.

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Reliable quality for retailers & landscapers

Toad Gully Growers recognises the need for consistent high-quality stock. When ordering our plants, you can be confident that your customers will be impressed. We understand that for a retail nursery you need plants that look fantastic and will be snapped up quickly when times are good, but are also resilient and will have a good ‘shelf life’ when sales may not be as easy to come by as we’d like. With our in-house potting mix production and various growing environments, we make sure each variety is produced according to its needs. This results in well grown plants in the best of health. We are confident that your customers will be happy with their purchase when they buy a Toad Gully plant.


Mornington Market Jan 2019As a wholesale nursery, markets are a rare opportunity for the public to buy directly from Toad Gully Growers.

Market dates:

(Please click on the market to check the organiser's website before attending, in case there are late changes or cancellation.)

look out for the Toad Gully Fernery shade house

Opening Hours

We are not open to the public.

Wholesale sales visit by appointment.

We only sell to ABN registered retail or landscaping businesses. (Except for occasional markets and seasonal postal delivery of Paulownia trees.)