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Topic “retail products”

Although a wholesale nursery, TGG supplies online retail packs for Australian customers.

not available to TAS or WA

Currently unable to supply retail packs to Tasmania and Western Australia due to arduous and expensive quarantine. However should you require plantation quantities please request a quotation.

Online Store Temporarily Closed

Paulownia Headstarters™ will be available for online ordering again in Spring. 

The best time to plant Paulownia in Australia is mid spring to early summer - orders are delivered within 10 days (usually 3-5 days).

You will be able to choose variety and pack size.

CURRENT PRICES (including GST and delivery in Australia):

  • Homestead Pack: 5 Paulownia Headstarters™ $67
  • Farm Pack: 10 Paulownia Headstarters™ $100
  • Grove Pack: 50 Paulownia Headstarters™ $417
  • Woodland Pack: 100 Paulownia Headstarters™ $667
  • Sampler Pack A: 3 extra large Paulownia Headstarters™ of 3 varieties $60
  • Sampler Pack B: 6 extra large Paulownia Headstarters™ of 3 varieties $107

Plantation Sales: please see Bulk Products and request a quotation.

Introduction to Headstarters

This page shows the product type available to purchase from the online retail store.  Scroll down to enter the store and select variety and quantity.


Headstarters™ are bare-root Paulownia trees with trimmed trunks. They are ready to plant in the ground and will regenerate a new trunk rapidly with warm weather and correct management.

Headstarters™ have well-developed roots systems at least 75mm deep. These roots have a framework of thick fleshy main roots as well as some finer feeder roots - not just a single tap root. These thick roots contain the energy the tree needs to quickly re-generate in the field.

The trunks are trimmed just above a strong node usually at about 50 to 75mm tall. They have many reserve buds, ready to sprout, ensuring a new trunk will develop even if some of the buds are damaged - for example by adverse weather.


31 TGG Headstarters™ can reach this size in just 5 months after planting!

To view the range of Paulownia varieties and Headstarters™ packs available, please ENTER OUR ONLINE STORE.228


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