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Q. What are your trading hours? Are you open 9 to 5?

A. Toad Gully Growers is a wholesale propagation nursery and is not open to the public. However you may make an appointment to visit if you are working on a Paulownia project and would like to discuss it face to face or to inspect our facilities.

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Q. Can you supply TALLER seedlings for my plantation?

A. Something of concern about what some other companies are offering is they state their Paulownia plants are "1 to 3 feet tall"! Paulownia grow very fast. If you plant young trees that are already over 30cm tall they will suffer wilting badly in hot conditions and are likely to be broken by wind. They will suffer transplant shock and many will die. It would be easier for us sell tall seedlings. The skill in growing good Paulownia planting stock is to keep it short and strong, not tall and soft. Taller is NOT better.55

Q. How tall do Paulownia trees grow?

A. We use vague terms such as “medium height” to describe Paulownia because the variation can be great depending on the conditions. There is record of an 80 year old Paulownia reaching about 50m tall and over 2m trunk diameter. More commonly they will settle for around 20m. Under plantation conditions they will be anywhere between 8 to 15m when harvested for timber. Many park or garden specimens struggle to grow more than 10m.56 Biggest Paulownia in Lankao China

Q. Do you sell single trees?

A. No. Paulownia are best suited to large rural properties or parkland. We don’t generally recommend planting in suburban gardens unless you have a large area to fill. The mixed Sampler Pack (A) is 3 trees. If you only need 1 you can share with friends or plant the spares in large tubs. Or if you plant all 3 close together you can limit their size and shape them with pruning.50 11 year old Paulownia fortunei in Bendigo

Q. How well do Paulownia grow in less than ideal conditions?

A. Paulownia are the Formula 1 of trees. If everything is properly attuned to provide them their best potential for growth they will be faster than any other tree. However they are exacting in their requirements. Having said that, there is a lot that can be done to improve conditions, such as cultivation to increase drainage, adding fertiliser and irrigation, which will make a huge difference to the outcome. If you are looking for a tree to throw in the ground and walk away from they are not the right choice. There are easier trees to grow but these will not match Paulownias’ growth under conditions suited to Paulownia. Just as for any crop, suitable land and climate should be selected.57

Q. Are Paulownia easy to grow?

A. This is a matter of perspective. To those of us familiar with Paulownia they are not difficult to grow. However, if you are new to the tree and have less than ideal conditions you are likely to face some challenges. Take advantage of the wealth of free information TGG provide to allow you to learn from the research and development, avoid the mistakes of others and get it right first time.59 58

Q. What makes TGG the best choice for Paulownia planting stock?

A. Over 20 years experience, a wide range of genetics and strong plants. Beware of exaggerated claims about “superior” tissue cultured Paulownia. Tissue culture is just another propagation method. TGG have used it from time to time for breeding stock, but our unique ex-vitro clonal propagation is more efficient in producing trees for plantations. Unlike laboratory stock, TGG plants are soon ready for growing in the real world.154 tissue culture Paulownia 151 ex-vitro clonal propagation Paulownia at TGG

Q. Do you sell Paulownia root cuttings?

A. Yes, but TGG don’t recommend root cuttings for field planting. Root cuttings are not plants. They are just pieces of root with potential to grow into trees if all conditions are right. Root cuttings from trees dug from the ground can carry soil borne diseases. TGG may supply container grown root cuttings to nurseries wishing to grow them on in pots. This is a safe, low cost option for those needing very large numbers. Headstarters™ are not root cuttings - they are trees with a trunk and root system, ready to grow.

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