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TG121 Paulownia fortunei 'Austral Splendour'

TG121 Paulownia fortunei 'Austral Splendour'
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Bred by Toad Gully Growers, Austral Splendour has been supplied to a wide range of sites from Thailand to Arizona. Early growth is very rapid supported by enormous dark green leaves. As the trunk develops it thickens and strengthens ensuring a robust tree. The form is pyramid shaped with generally around 2m (unpruned) to 6m (pruned) clear stem before the lower branches. Impressive in spring, with masses of sweetly scented, frilly, bright bluish-purple trumpet flowers with deep purple throats. Versatile farm tree for ornamental, shade or timber.

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Single Pack (1)

1 Paulownia Headstarter™


Twin Pack (2)

2 Paulownia Headstarters™


Cottage Pack (3)

3 Paulownia Headstarters™


Shelter Pack (6)

6 Paulownia Headstarters™


Park Pack (12)

12 Paulownia Headstarters™