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TG20A Paulownia kawakamii 'Sapphire Select'

TG20A Paulownia kawakamii 'Sapphire Select'
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Fantastic ornamental and shade tree also able to produce valuable wood. Like all Paulownia, they start off by growing a bamboo-like pole with massive leaves in the first season. Initial growth over the next year is tall and with limited branching, later losing the apex and becoming heavily branched in following years, above the 4m or taller straight portion of trunk which then thickens. The mature form is a wide rounded canopy heavily laden in spring with frilly bright purple to blue bell flowers with a lovely perfume reminiscent of violets.

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Single Pack (1)

1 Paulownia Headstarter™


Twin Pack (2)

2 Paulownia Headstarters™


Cottage Pack (3)

3 Paulownia Headstarters™


Shelter Pack (6)

6 Paulownia Headstarters™


Park Pack (12)

12 Paulownia Headstarters™