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Superior planting stock technology

Headstarters™186 James Lawrence with Headstarters™ plant are produced from containerised stock grown in a soil free and non-organic media (to EU quarantine standard) long enough to ensure a strong root system with a framework of thick roots, not just feeder roots - which is crucial as these thicker roots have stored starches and ensure survival and strong regeneration. TGG have developed management techniques to keep the trees in a juvenile state in the nursery prior to processing, allowing us to always keep stock on hand. After an order is received they are bare-rooted and the roots and trunk trimmed before packing. They travel safely for long periods and are easy to handle for planting. After planting they regenerate and behave as a normal sapling, showing no ill effect from their restricted start in the nursery, unlike as can happen with potted or cell tray stock if held too long. (We have tested and re-tested our methods.) Headstarters are highly resilient due to multiple reserve buds and the well developed roots.  ►► Headstarters™ Introduction  There is scope to supply smaller or larger Headstarters™ on a case by case basis. Likewise we are open to developing new products if it is demanded and can be done commercially. ►► more TGG products